Ammonite Fossil, Whole Shell - 9413

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Behold the Splendid Whole Ammonite Fossil - a truly remarkable piece of Earth's history! These awe-inspiring shelled cephalopods thrived between 408 and 66 million years ago, exclusively inhabiting the ancient oceans. Fossils of these majestic creatures can be found scattered across the globe, offering us a glimpse into the distant past.

Ammonites, fascinating cephalopod fossils, share a lineage with today's squid and octopus. Their captivating, chambered shells have captivated collectors and scientists alike, serving as invaluable index fossils for dating the ages of rock formations.

The spiral form of the ammonite symbolizes evolution and the ceaseless rhythm of change. This magnificent stone has absorbed cosmic energy over eons, imbuing it with a profound connection to the universe. As a conduit of this ancient energy, the ammonite's presence may invigorate the life force within you!

Size: 8.6'' x 7.2'' x 2.0''
Weight: 1.9 KG (4.2 LB)

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