Banded Carnelian Palm Stone, Natural Polished Carnelian Pocket Stone, Flat Crystal Disc

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Carnelian is a community favorite when it comes to crystal lovers. It's bright orange radiance represents the strong pull it has with the sacral chakra. Dealing with energies that help a boost a persons confidence, desire and willingness. A great mineral for people who have issues of self-esteem and decision making.

Being a variety of chalcedony, the healing vibrations of carnelian are strong and everlasting! Carnelian assists in improving general health but also provides the physical body with vitality and energy, great for those trying to break old habits as well!

// Listing is for one (1) Intuitively Selected Banded Carnelian Palm Stone

Approx Size: 1.7'' x 1.5'' x 0.35''
Approx Weight: 25 - 30 grams

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