Black Tourmaline Sphere, Polished Black Tourmaline Crystal Ball, #BSG1

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Black Tourmaline is here to protect, support, and shield from negativity and malice.

Transmuting all energy that does not serve the Highest Good of All, Tourmaline is a powerful ally for Manifestation and Creation.

Black Tourmaline guards against attacks of lower vibration and supports Sacred Safe Spaces. Great for safe guarding homes, yards, and travel.

// Listing is for one (1) Intuitively Selected Black Tourmaline Sphere

Approx Diameter: 1.6'' (40mm)
Approx Weight: 114 grams

Approx Diameter: 1.8'' (46mm)
Approx Weight: 150-160 grams

Approx Diameter: 2'' (51mm)
Approx Weight: 204 grams

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