Blue Calcite Tower, Natural Polished Brazilian Calcite Pillar, Healing Crystal Gift For Her

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Blue Calcite is an extremely calming stone. It feels like a soothing rain for the energetic body, it can help wash away psychic debris picked up from other people. It can also help soothe a hot temper.

As a great mineral for creatives, Blue Calcite helps one tune into inspiration and channel it into creations. This stone is also known to help in the dream world, allowing one to understand the signs, symbols, and synchronicities.

Blue Calcite can also help remove blockages in the third eye and stimulate psychic abilities.

A great stone for the times we are in, especially with its ability to soothe the emotional body and tune into the inspiration that life has to offer.

Size: 2.5" x 1.6" x 0.9"
Weight: 99 grams

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