Golden Healer Sphere - Yellow Hematoid Crystal Ball - 8869

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Crafted from high-quality natural quartz, this sphere is a stunning addition to any crystal collection. The rich golden hue of this sphere comes from the iron oxide inclusions within the quartz, giving it a warm and inviting energy.

Golden Healer quartz is known as a powerful healing stone, with the ability to activate the body's natural healing processes and support emotional well-being. This sphere is perfect for meditation, as it can help to release negative energy and promote positivity and self-confidence.

Each sphere is unique, with its own natural variations in color and texture, making it a truly one-of-a-kind piece. It measures approximately 2.5 inches in diameter and comes with a clear acrylic stand for display.

Thank you for considering our Golden Healer Sphere. We hope it brings you joy, healing, and positive energy for years to come.

Diameter: 3.7'' (94mm)
Weight: 1.3 KG (2.9 LB)

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