Incredible Himalayan Quartz Crystal - 9357

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This exquisite Himalayan Quartz Crystal Point is a powerful tool for spiritual awakening and transformation. boasting a magnificent large terminated point adorned with several captivating etching marks on its tip. Its radiant energy holds the key to anchoring a loving consciousness onto our beloved planet Earth during these transformative times.

Mined mindfully from the majestic Himalayan Mountains, each crystal is lovingly unearthed by a dedicated family committed to sharing these exceptional gems with those who resonate with their high frequencies.

As you hold this crystal in your hands, feel the surge of its vibrations resonating at the highest frequency among all quartz crystals. Trust that the call of this crystal signifies that your intuition is prepared to ascend to the next level of awakening!

Size: 8.5'' x 6'' x 4.5''
Weight: 3.8 KG (8.4 LB)

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