Intuition Activation Crystal Kit, Scolecite Tumbled Stone, Polished Amethyst Tumbled, Angelite Tumbled w Sage Leaf, #K027

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Intuition Activation Crystal Kit

~ Contains Scolecite, Amethyst, Angelite, and Sage Leaf

Activate your Innate Intuitive Wisdom with the loving support of Scolecite, Amethyst, and Angelite. Begin by clearing your space, with the smoke of the Sage Leaf, included in your kit. Call in your Highest Self, your Intuition, Source, your Angelic Guides, and all Light Beings you work with. Ask them to guide and protect your journey, as you embark on the Sacred Journey to truly Activate your Intuitive Powers. You may desire to lay down, and place the Scolecite on your Third Eye (center of your forehead), with the Amethyst and Angelite in each palm, face up.

All three of these Sacred Minerals hold the frequency of the Third Eye, the center of our Intuition and assist in communication with Higher Realms and Light Beings.

Scolecite is the bringer of inner peace, allowing you to soften to your Innate knowing, to hear the song of your Intuition.