Large Himalayan Quartz Point w Chlorite Inclusions

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Introducing a rare and mesmerizing piece of nature's beauty - a Himalayan Clear Quartz Point with an abundance of dark green Chlorite inclusions. This exquisite crystal formation is a true masterpiece that is sure to capture the attention of any crystal collector.

Mined from the majestic Himalayan Mountains, this point is a rare find and highly sought-after by collectors and practitioners of crystal healing and meditation.

Samadhi Quartz is known for its high vibrational energy and ability to amplify the energies of other crystals. The addition of the dark green Chlorite inclusions further enhances its energy, bringing an extra layer of grounding and healing properties.

If this crystal is calling to you, trust that your intuition is ready to activate to the next level!

Size: 5.0" x 4.2" x 3.0"
Weight: 1.4 KG (3.2 LB)

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