Lemurian Quartz Point, Columbian Quartz Crystal Specimen

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This beautiful Colombian Lemurian seed crystal point is a powerful tool for healing and self-discovery. It is known for its clarity, which refracts light like a diamond, and its multiple striations, which are said to represent the flow of energy.

Lemurian seed crystals are believed to have come from a lost civilization in Lemuria, a continent that is said to have existed in the Indian Ocean. They are said to carry the wisdom and knowledge of this ancient civilization, and to be able to help us connect with our own inner wisdom.

This crystal can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

Healing: Lemurian seed crystals can be used to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. They are said to be especially helpful for clearing blockages and promoting emotional balance.

Meditation: Lemurian seed crystals are excellent for meditation and spiritual work. They can help to promote focus and concentration, and to connect with the divine.

Manifestation: Lemurian seed crystals can be used to manifest your desires. They are said to help to align your energy with the Universe, and to bring your dreams into reality.

If you are looking for a powerful crystal to help you on your journey of healing and self-discovery, then this Colombian Lemurian seed crystal point is a perfect choice.

Size: 6.1" x 2.5" x 2.1"
Weight: 521 grams

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