Nirvana Quartz Crystal Point, Ice Quartz Rare Crystal Specimen, Raw Himalayan Quartz, Natural Crystal Gift For Her - 4444

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Nirvana Quartz is here to uplift humanity and help raise the consciousness on planet Earth.

Work with this stone to unravel old karmic debts, ancestral imprints of pain, and false beliefs rooted in fear.

This mineral only surfaced in 2006 due to ice melting in the Himalayas. This new mineral is here with powerful codes to help us anchor high vibrations of love on the planet.

Truly a gem for these potent times, Nirvana Quartz is a potent ally to help re-align our focus with one of regeneration and love for all beings, including mama Gaia.

Size: 1.9'' x 1.1'' x 1.0''
Weight: 43 grams

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