Quartz on Fluorite, Moroccan Fluorite w Quartz in Matrix, Purple Fluorite Crystal w Quartz Inclusions, #QF01

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Tune into the magical fairy realms of this sparkly fluorite, quartz included gem. .

Fluorite is known to create new mental structures and belief patterns to harmonize a higher state of being

This soft, delicate, powerful crystal is certain to delight your inner dreamer!

Size: 4.9'' x 4.2'' x 2.3''
Weight: 871 grams (1.9 lb)


*Natural imperfections are possible with stones & may have slight hue variance based on your computer screen color settings

*Metaphysical properties of crystals are subtle & vary per user. While many people encounter benefits to health & well-being, crystals are not considered/recommended a replacement for professional medical attention for serious health issues.

*Crystal specimens receive an initial energy clearing by crystal or metal singing bowl before shipment!