"Radiant Wealth" Crystal Bead Bracelet

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Introducing our ‘’Radiant Wealth” crystal bead bracelet. Channeled during the Lion’s Gate Portal, this bracelet contains the energy of heart centered abundance, through the synergistic blend of Rhodochrosite, Citrine, Rich Red Tiger’s Eye and Golden Tiger’s Eye.

Together this combination creates a field for healers, entrepreneurs, empaths on a mission, to give their gifts from a space of love and embodiment while aligning with the frequencies of prosperity, overflow, and abundance!

Rhodochrosite, the ultimate heart chakra crystal that helps to heal the heart work with the emotions, awaken the inner child and return to Divine Love, safety, and coherence on planet earth

Holding the energy of the sun, Citrine illuminates the solar plexus chakra. Increasing confidence, zest, and wealth, it is the ultimate stone for abundance, joy, and prosperity.

Golden Tiger’s Eye exudes an energy of confidence, inner lending, and aligned divine masculine energy. Increasing confidence and vitality, this stone helps you act on the truth of your heart.

Red Tigers Eye brings an energy of passion, aligned action, and sultry vibes to anchor the wealth codex and inner power of living in your divine truth and giving your gifts to the planet.

Wear this beaded gemstone bracelet to activate your innate healing gifts, heal your own service heart, stay rooted in integrity, love, devotion and service, while getting paid to do what you love!

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