Rose Quartz Chakra Wand Talisman - 9485

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Embark on a mystical voyage with this enchanting Rose Quartz Crystal Wand adorned with polymer clay. Featuring a transparent quartz body, a rose quartz base, and tip, as well as an array of gemstones aligned with each chakra, this 12" wand is your companion for Wiccan rituals, Pagan practices, and the art of witchcraft.

Crafted meticulously by hand, the wand's polymer clay design is elevated by the natural allure of rose quartz crystals, infusing it with a potent energy to unlock your innate magic.

The rose quartz crystals within this wand are renowned for amplifying spiritual consciousness and inner knowing. Their gentle, soothing essence facilitates serenity, allowing you to channel your intentions with clarity during rituals and meditation sessions.

Every wand is a testament to artisanal devotion, ensuring unparalleled charm and resilience. Whether you're an adept practitioner or embarking on your mystical journey, this wand is a valuable addition to your assemblage of tools.

Seeking a remarkable gift for a cherished loved one? The Rose Quartz Crystal Wand is an exquisite choice that will grace their altar with cherished delight. Bestow the magic of this distinctive crystal wand upon them and kindle a realm of wonder.

Size:   9.0'' x 1.6'' x 1.5''
Weight:   308 grams

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