Ruby Fuschite Tumbled Stone, Natural Polished Ruby in Fuchsite Crystal Tumbled Pocket Stone

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A playful stone that helps one Reconnect to their Heart and Ground into the present moment. It helps to melt away the barriers to the heart and brings about passionate zest for life. 

This stone resonates with the Root & Heart Chakras.

It feels like joy in your hand and is also said to attract the Fae.

A lovely crystal companion to bring more joy in your life, love in your heart, and remember to keep it light.

// Listing is for one (1) Intuitively Selected Ruby in Fuchsite Tumbled Stone

Approx weight: 8 - 12 grams
Approx size: 1'' x ''0.5''

Approx weight: 15 - 24 grams
Approx size: 1'' x 0.75''

Approx weight: 25-35 grams
Approx size: 1.5'' x 0.75''

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