Ruby in Fuchsite Sphere, Natural Polished Ruby Fuchsite Crystal Ball

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Ruby in Fuchsite is here to encourage your Playful Heart to come forward and follow your bliss! Fuchsite ignites our Joyful Inner Child, a sweet reminder of our Vitality, while Ruby increases our overall Life Force.

Encouraging a Passion for your life and desires, this Sacred Mineral assists in removing any blocks that prevent you from Manifesting what you truly desire.

Enhancing intuitive abilities, the veil is thinned, helping to connect with the Fae Realm and Magic. Ruby in Fuchsite can be used to awaken your Inner Gifts by opening your Heart Chakra to receive information from your Third~Eye Chakra.

// Listing is for one (1) Intuitively Selected Ruby in Fuchsite Sphere

Approx Diameter: 1.9'' (49mm)
Approx Weight: 160-200 grams

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