Semi-Polished Jasper Palm Stone, Natural Jasper, Picture Jasper Palmstone, #SPJ2

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Jasper is a supreme mineral of Mother Earth. This energy is soothing, grounding, and replenishing for the Soul.

It's like going to your favorite grandmother's house and returning to safety, security, innocence, and peace.

Size: 2.4'' x 1.9'' x 1.7''
Weight: 148 grams


*Natural imperfections are possible with stones & may have slight hue variance based on your computer screen color settings

*Metaphysical properties of crystals are subtle & vary per user. While many people encounter benefits to health & well-being, crystals are not considered/recommended a replacement for professional medical attention for serious health issues.

*Crystal specimens receive an initial energy clearing by crystal or metal singing bowl before shipment!