Solstice Ritual Kit, Selenite Crystal, Pyrite Crystal, Candle Ritual Crystal Kit, #K8

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Incantation: Call of the Sun

The longest night celebrates light
The flame returns
Praise be your delight
The home within
Fueled by fire
The sun illuminating
every shadow
Shine your way
To my highest desire
Dissolve fear in my marrow
Thank you, thank you
Rise within
The wonder of tomorrow
Again and again
Sun power, our King
I will follow-
So mote it be.

** Grid ingredients **

~ Selenite - Clearing, clarity, amplifying
~ Pyrite - Grounding, masculine current
~ Citrine - Power, resonance at solar plexus
~ Cinnamon - Earth element, the senses
~ Green candle - Abundance, wealth, heart-centered

** Ritual **

1. Take a sip of water, cleanse the throat to speak and flow from honoring the feminine water element, prepare for Divine to Divine communion.

2. Build your grid: Selenite tower at center with candle, 3 pieces of pyrite at each direction (East, South, West, North), 1 cinnamon stick radiating in each cross- quarter turn (Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest), citrine pieces placed at top of each triple pyrite, 1 selenite shard extending from the top each citrine.

3. Connect with gratitude and your intention, strike your fire, and light your candle. Feel your prayer burning in your heart, allow it to rise and use your voice to speak it aloud.

4. Recite Call of the Sun incantation.

5. Gaze at your candle, blazing with your prayer for the Solstice. Let the candle burn completely, knowing in the fulfillment of your desire; OR burn as long as you can, and return to ignite your contemplation of intention and celebration.

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