Stunning Himalayan Quartz Cluster, Quality Samadhi Crystal Specimen, Rare Lemurian Crystal Collector's Piece

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Behold, an exquisite masterpiece of nature, this stunning Himalayan Quartz holds within its crystalline lattice the purest and highest frequencies. Its radiance exudes an ethereal aura that has the power to help anchor a loving consciousness onto our beloved planet Earth at this time.

Himalayan Quartz vibrates at the highest frequency, pulsating with a divine energy that resonates with the very essence of our being. Sourced with utmost mindfulness from the pristine Himalayan Mountains, this gem was hand-dug by a devoted family who believes in spreading these precious stones to those who seek to elevate their spiritual journey.

If this crystal is calling to you, trust that your intuition is ready to activate to the next level!

Weight: 336 grams

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