Stunning Himalayan Quartz Crystal Specimen - 6636 SQ04

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Himalayan Quartz vibrates at the highest frequency, pulsating with a divine energy that resonates with the very essence of our being. Its radiance exudes an ethereal aura that has the power to help anchor a loving consciousness onto our beloved planet Earth at this time.

Sourced with utmost mindfulness from the pristine Himalayan Mountains, this gem was hand-dug by a devoted family who believes in spreading these precious stones to those who seek to elevate their spiritual journey.

A piece of this size and purity is indeed a rare find, especially considering it's unique growth structure. It is surely a treasure to cherish and behold.

If this crystal is calling to you, trust that your intuition is ready to activate to the next level!

Size: 8.9'' x 8.2'' x 5.5''
Weight: 3 KG (6.6 LB)

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