Sunset Labradorite Freeform - GLF3

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Labradorite, a deeply Magical and Transformative Sacred Mineral, is here to support your ever awakening Sacred Mission to be of Highest Service to Mama Gaia. An interdimensional stone, here to offer infinite chances to embark upon endless voyages and adventures of self discovery!

An ally of the Air Element, Labradorite is here to assist in the activation of your Inner Divinity. Enabling you to move through realms unseen while purifying your Light Body. Bringing the unknown to the conscious mind, to extract Collective Wisdom and bring to Light the Magic hidden behind the veil.

Labradorite is eager to help you call forth the Magic of your Highest Awareness. Transforming your life into the next level and amplifying your Manifestations.

Size: 4.8'' x 4.1'' x 2.2''
Weight: 1.57 kg (3.5 lb)

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